NTU Endorses Small Business Taxpayer Bill of Rights Legislation

by Pete Sepp June 20, 2018


Congress: Don’t Raise the Spending Caps Even Higher

by Demian Brady June 19, 2018

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NTU Urges Senators to Vote "YES" on the “Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act”

by Thomas Aiello June 18, 2018


Coalition Urges Senate Support for "Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act"

by Pete Sepp June 15, 2018

Take Back the Internet

No to Net Neutrality. No to Internet Regulation.

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NTU Urges Philadelphia City Council to Oppose Tax on Construction Projects

by Thomas Aiello June 13, 2018


NTU Writes to Endorse H.R. 3976, "Access to Marketplace Insurance Act"

by Brandon Arnold June 13, 2018

Press Mentions 

Light-Touch Antitrust Policy Succeeds, and Consumers Will Win

by Kevin Glass June 12, 2018


Bipartisan Coalition Urges FTC to Issue Pro-Consumer, Pro-Market Contact Lens Rule

by Thomas Aiello June 12, 2018

Issue Brief 

A Realistic Budget Baseline Exposes Higher Spending on Horizon

by Demian Brady June 12, 2018


Coalition Opposes Effort to Undermine Budget Caps

by Nan Swift June 12, 2018


California Mandates its Way to an Even Worse Housing Market

by Andrew Wilford June 11, 2018


Taxpayers and Businesses Benefit from Preemption Laws

by Thomas Aiello June 11, 2018


Title II Is Gone. The Internet Is Still Here, But There’s More That Can Be Done For Consumers

by Kevin Glass June 08, 2018

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